Where to sleep in Eureka Springs: Arsenic and Old Lace b&b, one of the most romantic staying in the USA

Stained-glass windows, original artwork, antiques, luxurious room amenities and crystal chandeliers, a Victorian house, squirrels and deer in the backyard, and the warmth of Doug and Beverly: the Arsenic and old lace b&b in short, the best place where to sleep in Eureka Springs.


Considered one of the most romantic escapes in the United States, we couldn’t skip on living this experience on our honeymoon.

As soon as we arrived ouside the b&b, though, we had a little accident: the road outside the b&b is uphill and inclined. Stopping there with a 880 lbs. motorcycle, fully loaded with baggage and with two persons on it wasn’t an easy task: the side inclination of the street, which was already uphill, threw the bike off balance, which laid on its side, with us still on.
A couple of bruises later we were up on our feet, but the real issue was lifting the bike! Have you ever tried to lift more than 900 lbs. of steel? Well don’t. Luckily enough people in the US are always kind and willing to lend a hand, so help always comes spontaneous.
This apparently useless little story is just to tell you that if you get here by bike you should be careful.

where to sleep in Eureka Springs, Arsenic and Old Lace b&b
Arsenic and Old Lace b&b, the courtyard

Having lifted the bike back up and taken the bags, we found ourselves in the Victorian age, facing a big house with a wonderful patio furnished with tables and white wicker chairs. Soon as I saw those I imagined myself there drinking some tea, wearing one of those colored dresses of the tight bustier and the wide Victorian skirt, with a book in my hands and the smile on my lips.

Where to sleep in Eureka Springs: the Arsenic and Old Lace b&b

Inside, the Arsenic and old lace b&b is a proper house, a romantic nest where the furnishing reflects the Victorian style but has all modern comforts, and it is cured in every detail. We stayed in the Chantilly Rose Room, a wide room colored of peach and ivory, with a private balcony which faced the backyard garden and a big bathroom with double shower and Jacuzzi. We also had a chimney, also present in every other room, opposite to the bed… can you imagine how romantic it can all be during winter?
The only sounds you could hear in the room were those of the little artificial waterfalls in the garden, the songs of the birds and.. the soft steps of the deer which showed up in the morning!

Chantilly Rose Room of arsenic and Old lace b&b


Arsenic and Old Lace b&b, the little deer in the garden


This morning scene made the whole experience even more unique… It will sound naïve, but I felt happy as a little girl. After all how soon do you see a deer under your balcony? Never in my case!

The breakfast is another showpiece of the Arsenic and Old Lace B&B (by the way, if you’re asking the answer is yes: the name comes from the movie, the owners’ favorite). Everyone eats at the same table, set the old-fashioned way, while Doug and Beverly cook the typical Full American breakfast: the smell of Americano coffee and bacon frying in the pan, of pancakes, eggs and fresh orange juice is accompanied by the lovely small talk on who we were and what we were doing there, made the atmosphere all the more intimate, close of the one you feel at home. We weren’t just guests, but almost far-living relatives who came into town for the weekend . With us there was another couple, ten years older give or take, and we started to chat with them too, thus we found out that they were from Kansas City and were there for a romantic getaway. They told us what to do and see in their city (which was one of our next stops) and we told them a little about Italy… This is what I love the most about B&Bs, things that in a standard hotel never happen!
Among the other things, in the kitchen you can find a shelf full of DVDs to borrow and see in your room… There’s really everything to make you feel at home!

The staying for us was a perfect union between elegance and cordiality, warmth and comfort.
All the features of a town like Eureka Springs AK, only stronger, but still intimate as a hug.

Arsenic and Old Lace b&b, la breakfast room

Arsenic and Old Lace B&B

  • Is the hotel in a good position?
    It is in the historic center of eureka springs, reachable by a short walk. It has a private off-street parking.
  • Would you recommend it to a friend?
    Absolutely yes! Expecially for a romantic getaway.
  • Does the wi-fi work in every room?
    Yes, both in the bedrooms and in the kitchen.
  • What’s the hotel’s style?
    A Victorian house
  • Was the check in fast?
    Fast, easy, and warm.
  • Is the staff welcoming?
    Very much, it was great!
  • How was your first impression about the room?
    Perfect, we loved the place in its every aspect!
  • How was the cleaning?
  • Is the bed comfortable?
    Comfy and clean.
  • Were the sockets sufficient and adequately positioned?
    There are electrical sockets in different places of the room.
  • Are the wardrobe and the spaces to put your things in enough?
  • There was at least a bottle of water at your disposal? Tea and coffee?
    Yes, at our disposal in the room there was water and even a souvenir sport bottle. In the kitchen you can find tea, coffee, water and soft drinks.
  • Was the A\C or heating adequate?
    Perfect, you can regulate them yourself.
  • How was your first impression about the bathroom?
    Excellent there was a big double shower and a Jacuzzi.
  • Was the bathroom big enough?
    Yes, very.
  • Was the courtesy kit included??
  • And the towels?
    Soft and clean.
  • Was there a hairdryer? One of those fixed to the wall or a real one?
    There was a little but professional one, not fixed to the wall.

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