Hard Rock’s World Burger Tour

You all know about my Hard Rock Cafe passion. I collect T-Shirts and burgers, meaning that one of the first thing I check when I’m going to a foreign city is if it has a Hard Rock Cafè or not, to taste every Local Legendary of the world.

In our USA travel, we also got to stay in a Hard Rock Hotel (and it didn’t disappoint, like we knew it won’t), and a Hard Rock Casinò in Las Vegas.
I love the
Hard Rock world for many reasons: the music (not so obvious as it may seem), the great american food (from hamburgers to Tex-Mex, and desserts), cocktails (I’m not mad about alcohol, but here cocktails are awesome), the T-Shirts and the unique mood that one can only find here.
Until now we’ve been (together) to those in London, Rome, Venice, Florence, Warsaw, Prague, Barcelona, Athens, Cracow, Munich, Chicago, Hollywood (both to Universal Studios and Hollywood Boulevard), Las Vegas. Not so many, we have to fix this!

This being said it is easy to imagine what a marvellous idea the World Burger Tour is to me.


World Burger Tour Hard Rock, Tennessee burger

What Hard Rock’s World Burger Tour is?

Arrived to its third edition this year, World Burger Tour is Hard Rock Cafè’s idea to take its local legendary burgers all around the globe. A some kind of cross-cultural exchange. Every year 8 local legendary are chosen amongst the 175 restaurants scattered around the world, and in the months of May and June (this year from may 1 to june 25) are served in every cafè in the world, four each month. A great way to taste the locals of the city you haven’t visited yet!

What exactly Local Legendary Burgers are? Inspired by the tastes and ingredients of their hometowns, Local Legendary Burger represent Hard Rock Cafe’s interpretation of the local cuisine.

By the way this year, if you happen to be in Rome or Venice, you can also benefit of two more offers: by showing up to lunch at one of those two cafes with a Hard Rock Cafè T-Shirt of one of the local legendary burgers’ cities, you can have a second burger for free. Same reward if you can prove by passport that you’re born in the legendary burgers’ city.
Also, the World Burger Tour Passport is born, which gives you the opportunity to get a burger for free after you tried the other seven local legendary burgers.
To wash your favourite burgers down, the best HRC cocktails are selected: the Southern rock (Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, Southern Comfort, Blackberry Chambord and Smirnoff vodka, mixed with bitter sauce and Sierra Mist®), the Electric Blues (Smirnoff vodka, Bacardi superior rum, Beefeater gin, Dekuyper blue curaco and sweet and sour topped with sierra mist) the Mojito (BACARDI Superior Rum with fresh mint brown sugar and lime all covered with club soda), the Lovely Rita (Sauza® Gold Tequila, Cointreau® and the authentic Hard Rock’s Margarita mix), and our personal favourite: the Hurricane (Orange juice, mango and pineapple, mixed with BACARDI Superior Rum, BACARDI Select Rum, Amaretto and grenadine Finest Call).

This year, amongst more than 160 local legendary burgers, were selected:

  • Buenos Aires’ Tango Salsa Burger: Andouille sausage, salsa criolla, garlic aioli, Monterey jack cheese, fresh arugula and topped with a fried egg.
  • Barcellona’s Olè Burger: Topped with red pepper romesco sauce, aioli, roasted vegetables, goat cheese crumbles and arugula.
  • Cartagena’s Colombian Plantain Burger: Topped with caramelized onions, garlic aioli, bacon and Monterey Jack Cheese, spiked with molasses and topped with fried plantains.
  • Ho Chi Minh’s Bahn Mi Burger: coated in tangy house-made Vietnamese glaze, topped with sliced cucumbers and pickled vegetables, accompanied by a garnishment of cilantro and green onions all on a Certified Angus Beef® patty
  • London’s English Breakfast Burger: Topped with breakfast sausage, sliced ham, arugula, grilled portobello mushroom, fresh tomato and a fresh-cracked egg.
  • Memphis’ Tennessee BBQ Burger: Certified Angus patty seasoned with a Memphis Dry Rub and topped with pickle slices, Memphis slaw, pulled pork, tangy Barbeque sauce, crispy onions and cheddar.
  • New Orleans’ Jambalaya Burger: Topped with Cajun mayo, pickles, andouille sausage, pepper jack cheese and a jambalaya rice cake.
  • Seoul’s Kimchi Burger: Topped with spicy kimchi, bulgogi sauce, fresh tomato and lettuce and spicy mayo.

We just discovered on the US HRC website that the selected burgers are actually 12, those are the ones you can find there (it seems that in the US you can’t get the Ho Chi Minh’s Bahn Mi Burger listed above):

Rome’s When in Rome Burger: Topped with pancetta, garlic aioli, arugula and ricotta cheese with sun-dried tomato.

Seminole (Florida) tribe’s Seminole Cattlemen’s Burger: Topped with bacon infused heart of palm, fresh tomato and Tupelo breaded gator tail smothered in Seminole wing sauce.

Nice’s Riviera Burger: Topped with savory olive tapenade and smoked peppers, marinated tomato, goat cheese, fresh greens and crisp potato rosti.

New Delhi’s Spinach, Chickpea & Potato Burger: A house made patty of red skin potato, spinach, chili peppers, cilantro, chickpeas and spices, topped with arugula, tomato, cucumber and a spiced yogurt sauce.

Athen’s Greek Burger: Topped with eggplant salad and haydari yogurt sauce, crisp lettuce and vine-ripened tomato.

We tried all of this edition’s Legendary Burgers and can’t wait to taste next year’s (and then try them again in their cities!

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