Itinerari di cinema e d’America (Mesupi’s Travels) was born in 2014. The initial purpose was to complete a bucket list, which mainly concerns travel,  and tells people about it to show everyone that everything is possible (the list was started by us and then shared by numerous bloggers, giving life to the hashtag #100cosedafareprimadimorire).
A year later the blog had already become something slightly different and more professional. To date, with 40 states visited on four continents, it is increasingly becoming a reference point for travelers seeking practical information, itineraries, accommodation advice, with a special focus on the United States, our favorite travel destination.
Furthermore, in the last two years, we specialized in movie-themed travels, which is becoming a predominant theme in tourism. We are the only travel bloggers in Italy to specialize a blog in this field – so much so that now it has become commonly associated with this kind of travel.
We have also created a Facebook group and the only podcast in Italy dedicated to movie travels.
Another important niche we are linked to is that of motorcycle travels.
Every trip is personally studied and lived, and for this reason we are always ready to answer every question our readers make, tailoring every trip on them according to the needs of each and everyone.

[Please note: we personally translate the blog posts one by one, so the blog’s English version has fewer articles of the Italian’s. Please do check the Italian version to see our complete work]

The blog has an English version to reach a much larger – and international – audience.

We are present and active on the major social networks, where we boast a community of active and loyal readers.

Our work is based on promoting places, activities and events experienced firsthand, because the only proper way to really describe a destination is to first experience it.

The blog in numbers

We have always chosen to focus on content quality, considering it more important than any number, and on the website much more than on social networks where everything is only temporary. What is written on the blog remains, always, and we want to provide useful, interesting, always available information and advice. We want to continuously inspire.
That choice has also provided numerical satisfaction, both for the blog statistics and interaction on social networks.

Facebook: I Itinerari di cinema e d’America Travel Designer&Blogger
Twitter: @viaggideimesupi
Instagram: @viaggideimesupi
Pinterest: Itinerari di cinema e d’America
TripAdvisor: Itinerari di cinema e d’America (we were chosen to test the new, social version of TripAdvisor)
Linkedin: Lucia Parpaglioni

Blog Traffic: +50,000 monthly page views (Age: 25-55, from Europe (Italy, Spain, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Ireland), United States, Brasil, China)

Podcast: in Italian and English, it has over 600 downloads with just 4 episodes published.

Our strong points

As I said, we are all about quality.
How? By respecting the reader, always providing up-to-date information, talking about trips, itineraries and experiences personally tested, working with professionalism, constantly studying destinations and topics, promoting carefully studied destinations and itineraries, telling the destination at 360 degrees, differentiating ourselves in terms of content, quality writing, topics covered.

Our collaborations

And much more: Pistoia Turism, #RipartidaiSibillini, Caseifici Agricoli, DayBreak Hotel…

Author for American International Club of Rome, of which I also am a member.
In the past we wrote for: Bluewago, Wedding&Travel, TrueRiders, PiùTurismo.

I am among the Travel Blogger Italian Association (AITB) founders.

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