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I’ll tell you a little about me…

Roman by birth, citizen of the world by adoption, with an American spirit.
My roots are scattered around the world, maybe that’s why I feel the thrills at the very idea of visiting new countries, getting to know a new culture, discovering and learning new things, new flavors, new words. My grandfather fueled this wanderlust by taking us around Italy for as long as I can remember and I owe my strong independent spirit to him and to my parents.
I started exploring through pages of books, by incessant reading, a thing I still love to do today. As I like to say: “I crave books, pictures, ink and miles.”
So on this blog I collect years of passions, travel and work, focusing mainly on the destinations and itineraries that I have printed in my soul: traveling to movie locations and the United States. Growing up with country-rock and movies could it be otherwise?

In addition to narrating travels and experiences that I have always studied, created and experienced first hand, I like to study continuously to stay updated about destinations, social networks and the web and the world of cinema. Because truthfulness and quality of the content are what I focus on the most, out of respect both for the readers and the community that takes inspiration from my travels, and also because this is a real passion that asks to be continuously nurtured and that I want to cultivate.

“I got an open road and a restless soul
The Rolling Stones on the radio
And I roll like I roll
Cause I roll
I roll like the hills under the California sun
Burn through the desert like the devil on the run…”

What do I do?

Mainly and briefly, I deal with tourism promotion; tourism-related social strategies; event promotion, tourism facilities, airlines, etc…; I also create tailor-made itineraries as a Travel Designer.
How? By telling and giving visibility through posts and stories on social networks, blog articles, dedicated episodes on my podcast, interventions during events. Here you can find out more.

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