n.32: Sleeping in a historical hotel: Saturnia International Hotel, Venice

Finally… Finally!

We return to talk about the things­ to­ do list… Not that we forgot that, we always keep it in mind, we just need time to organize ourselves (also many of those things are not exactly cheap! Our goal is also finding an less expensive way of doing them… ).
Here we done the thing n.32: sleeping in a historical hotel.

This summer we returned to Venice for the project “Great Journeys”. The first night we were guests of the Hotel Saturnia International, historic hotel in the city, a stone’s throw away from Piazza San Marco.

Hotel Saturnia International, ingresso

An hotel with over one hundred years of history on his shoulders, it was in fact created in 1908 by Zoe Lustig , Hungarian, and Ugo Serandrei , from Pisa. It has endured the invasion of German, British and South African troops during the Second World War , after which it has developed and has achieved international fame , thanks to “La Caravella” Restaurant (which we hadn’t had the chance to try) , in vogue for the last 50 years, and its chef.

Hotel Saturnia International, ristorante La Caravella

One thing in particular impressed me: here slept Ray Charles!

Hotel Saturnia International, l'impronta di Ray Charles

(For those who were asking: no, he has obviously not written the letter with his own hands.)

The hotel
The quality of the hotel and its services it’s palpable , as well as the experience of the operators. From the girl who showed us to our room on the top floor, to the goodness and variety of the buffet breakfast, the comfort of the room, and the same hotel’s location.
It reflects the style of its years with the dark furniture in the reception and first floor (perhaps a bit too much for my tastes, I love bright things) and classic furnishings. The rooms are brighter, but maintain the same elegance and classic style of the rest of the hotel. And most importantly, the room lacks of nothing! It has even got a corner kitchen, with various types of tea, coffees and chamomile.

Hotel Saturnia International, angolo cottura

Spectacular view from our room, from morning to night, but the colors of the sunset made it special…

Hotel Saturnia International, vista dalla finestra

The room is also quiet, and the bed was REALLY comfortable. In the morning it seemed almost a crime getting up from there…

The most “modern” part of the hotel is the beautiful terrace where you can sunbathe, enjoy chatting , or just the enchanting spectacle of Venice.

Hotel Saturnia International, terrazza

Breakfast is eaten in an inner courtyard, in the open air (at least during the warm months): great choice and great way to start the day, eating breakfast with the fresh air! There’s even the maidswho come to get you to the assigned table!
It’s an international buffet breakfast, rich and varied, but especially with quality products, and homemade cakes.

Hotel Saturnia International, colazione

It is never easy to talk of the hotels, it always seems to say the same things, not being able to describe exactly how it feels to be a guest, not being able to better represent the friendliness of the people that have hosted you and the comfort or beauty of the place where you stayed at.
And I, in the end, am not so good with words.
The experience and quality count.I Knew that these two characteristics in historic hotels were important, and at Saturnia we tested them in first person.

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