Where to spend August 15th festivity with a day trip from Rome

I personally love spending the month of August in Rome.
Enjoying the empty city, the abundance of parking spots, the absence of traffic, walking the streets feeling the warmth of the asphalt under my feet… You can enjoy these things in the city only in August. Besides, let’s face it, leaving in August-unless you are forced to by the demands of your office-is crazy: sky-high prices, lots of people everywhere, hellish traffic on the highways… why ruin your vacation? Better to stay in the city if you can.

If you don’t have ideas about what to do on Ferragosto (August 15th) in Lazio, I’ll try to suggest three places to visit: close in terms of miles but far from the chaos (and if you want, take a look at the places suggested for Easter Monday too, there are very valid travel ideas for Ferragosto too!).

Villa Gregoriana
Ferragosto nel Lazio, Villa Gregoriana

There is in Tivoli a romantic and timeless place.
A villa with Roman remains and nature bursting into its full beauty among flowers, plants, waterfalls and pieces of history.
It is a FAI property, and that says a lot about its importance. What’s more, the entrance fee is only 10 euros!
It is among the most romantic parks in Italy and a candidate for Italy’s most beautiful garden. It is a pleasure to get lost among its caves and waterfalls, the ruins that tell Roman stories (of those Romans who once conquered the world). It was Pope Gregory who wanted it, to stem the Aniene River that had just emerged from a disastrous flood. It rises in the valley that bears the name “Valle dell’Inferno” (Hell’s Valley), carved by the Aniene River at the point where it joins the Roman countryside. Alleys, paths, steps and small tunnels meander and intertwine under a dense forest of giant trees, giving a hundred different sights to the traveler… until you reach the point where the Aniente makes its leap, forming a 120-meter waterfall, decorated at the bottom by caves that have inspired famous painters.
A bucolic daydream landscape.

Ferragosto nel Lazio a Tarquinia

Talking about Roman history, why not go and discover those who were the predecessors of the ancient Romans? A people who loved to play, eat and make love: the Etruscans. In short, people who understood everything about life. You can start from the somewhat gloomy but among the most beautiful part: the Etruscan Necropolis of Cerveteri, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with its unique reproductions and houses.
The discovery of an ancient culture that can continue directly in Tarquinia, at Palazzo Vitelleschi, home of the Etruscan Museum. A beautiful three-story palace with an inner courtyard and all the history of a splendid civilization. The entrance ticket costs 6 euros, but you can buy a cumulative one that also grants you access to the Acropolis for 8 euros (full price).
Tarquinia is also beautiful to explore on foot, looking at its many towers, churches, cathedrals and belvederes overlooking the Latium countryside, whose typical products you can taste in one of the many typical small restaurants.

Ferragosto nel Lazio a Viterbo

I have already told you about this beautiful town in Lazio here.
It is the perfect place to get lost for a day, reliving step by step a centuries-long history that speaks of popes, festivals, and charms.
Adorned with flowers, dotted with towers, arches and courtyards, it is one of the most photogenic cities I have ever seen.
One you can’t say no to (and to think that before going there I wasn’t expecting anything much. Instead…)

Do you have any other ideas for the day of Ferragosto?

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