The Ice Bar in Rome

Discovering new, particular places it’s one of the things I like the most. The sensation of discover, conquest. And that’s how I feel when I know I find myself in a particular, strange, or different than others place, even more if it’s not very known.

One of the places which gave me that sensation was the Ice Bar in Rome. I had already heard about ice made hotels, and how I dreamed staring at those pictures… Entering the Ice Bar made me feel closer to that dream.

Ice Bar a Roma

Is there any better place to cool down in the summer? Maybe even too much considering the -5° C (23° F) and the thermal excursion between the inside and the outside is worse than Sahara’s, when outside the thermometer reaches 40° C (104° F). At the arrival you are given a cloak to keep yourself warm, which is almost useless if you are dressed with shorts and open shoes, also because you’ll have to literally sit on ice, even if it’s covered by (synthetic) bear fur coat!

Ice Bar a Roma bicchieri

Everything, and I mean everything, it’s made of ice, even the counter! And glasses! Lights changes their color continuously, going from the blue, to the green, pink… and every time the ice takes peculiar colors. That’s, for sure, something that makes ice bar so unique, but there’s another thing that caught my attention: cocktails! All made with vodka, to keep you warm, one tastier than the other! I recommend the one with mint and liquorice liquor: I would have never stopped drinking it, if I hadn’t been conscientious enough (drink responsibly!).

Ice Bar a Roma, bancone

Only flaw, the price: 15 euros to get in and just one cocktail included is too much in my opinion, but anyway it’s surely worth going, especially if you’re in Rome for a travel and want to have a different night!

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