Kyoto Garden, London: a Japanese corner in the heart of the city

Whoever has been in London knows about the city’s frenzy, its worldliness, its occidental heart. In this heart though, there’s a little island of peace and quiet. A zen corner where you can forget all of your troubles, relax, and contemplate: the Kyoto Garden.

Realized in friendship by the Kyoto’s Chamber of Commerce, the park is opened from 7.30 am to sunset, free to enter, it’s a little garden in the heart of Holland Park, the most elegant and romantic public park in London, where zen air can be breathed. It’s the only place in the city where you can walk through roaming peacocks, free of strolling around, and the unavoidable squirrels.

Kyoto Garden, ingresso

Kyoto Garden, pavone

In the center of the garden there’s a pond, with all the zen cascades and red carps, which can be crossed by a wooden bridge.

Kyoto Garden, cascatelle

Between the green of the park and the bright colors of flowers, bonsais and stone fountains appear.. in true Japanese style!
Nothing is left to contingency, no detail is out of its place.. you just close your eyes, immerse in that place, to be sure you spawned right on the other side of the planet.

Kyoto Garden giardino zen

Maybe one of the less known place of the city, but which is really, really worth a visit, to take a moment all for yourself, before going back to the elegant chaos of the English capital.

Kyoto Garden


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