Christmas in San Marino: a Christmas of wonders

I just found out you don’t need to arrive up in Lapland to find Christmas magic.
You only need to come to San Marino. Christmas in San Marino is pure magic.
The 21st of december the Christmas of Wonders in San Marino begins, and the whole Historic Center turns itself into the Christmas Village. There is no corner of the streets which is not decorated, Christmas’ music and dances are heard everywhere during the whole day, elves and Santas of all ages walk, sing and play on the streets. Only the snow was missing.

Christmas in San Marino

Christmas in San Marino

Yes, here in San Marino I went back to childhood.
I would have want to get in in each and every wooden house of the Wonders Village in Campo Bruno Reffi, to get my face all made up, to get a ride in the sleight drove by an elf and had a picture with Santa and his reindeer, before posting my letter to Santa in his mailbox and then bake cakes with the elves.
Sadly, though, it is all reserved for children.. the true ones, those who are shorter than 5”.
Wandering through the village, though, was great all the same, even for adults: lights, Christmas trees with packets underneath it, Christmas songs playing by, poinsettias, the wooden houses with the red and white tents at the windows… I need to repeat, it’s just magic.

Christmas in San Marino, christmas village

During the Christmas time in San Marino, in front of Cava dei Balestrieri is also opened a skating park made of true non-sinthetic ice and the restaurants have the Holiday Menus at fixed prices from 15 to 30 euros.
The most beautiful thing is that just by strolling on the streets, with your eyes lost between the gorgeous lights coloring every building, every street or square, to suddenly find street artists and musicians playing just out of pure Christmas spirit.
Here Christmas is lived, breathed, tasted.
A joy for the senses, for the heart, mind and mood.
Is it necessary to say that I fell completely in love with it?

Christmas in San Marino, market

Christmas in San Marino, lights

Natale delle meraviglie, Babbo Natale e gli elfi

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