The best Hard Rock in Italy

…and the winner is: Florence!

Hard Rock Firenze

Independently from what one may think about Hard Rock Cafes, the t-shirt collection is pretty common amongst travelers, the music they celebrate is legend (in addition to being our favourite genre, so yes, we admit it, we are partial to it) and the food they make is simply amazing, their hamburgers are a joy to the palate.

There are three Hard Rock in Italy: in Florence, Rome and Venice.
We had the chance – and the luck – of trying all three, and we can say that the best is the one of the Tuscan capital city.
The place is awesome: worked out from an old cinema, it still has the stage on which are arranged the typical rock music instruments and you can ask someone to take a picture to you while “air-playing” them. The curtain, the big screen, the modern bar counter at the center of the room… I couldn’t help but smiling, I felt like a rock star while I looking around.


Not to mention their Local Legendary Burger. Absolutely the best I’ve ever had… I would go to Florence every Sunday just to get one! Not only the beef (from Tuscany, do I need to say more?) but also the Pesto Mayonnaise on the side is sensational.

Hard Rock Firenze, local legendary
The Hard Rock brand, to rock music’s enthusiasts, is always a guarantee. I love it, and I strongly recommend everyone to go there… but now I can say that the one in Florence in absolutely not to be missed!

Hard Rock Firenze, bar

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