Bikers Hotel in La Vella: Barri Antic Hostel&Pub

I have no idea if many bikers out there got used to that feeling… but to me getting into a place like that is still an emotion.
I felt at home and thought that a place like that should be in every city of the world.

As you see Harleys parked outside your heart starts beating faster in anticipation. Than you turn around, and you see the facade covered with roadsigns indicating the distances to every city around the globe.
This was our first impression at “Barri Antic Hostel&Pub” in Andorra La Vella.
Do you need anything more to fall in love at first sight?
Bikers Hotel - indicazioni
Maybe you do. In this case know that we’re talking about a pub with rooms upstairs, that reminds a whole lot a Clubhouse.
Also know that it all is colored in orange and black… no need to tell you which brand uses those colors.
The pub’s walls are all covered with images, pictures, flags, and Harley-Davidson’s plates… and also Harley stores’ t-shirts from all over the world on the roof!
The music… frosting on the cake! We couldn’t believe we were hearing that music in Europe, our favourite: country-rock, I am pretty sure that if someone suddenly started tearing down some two-lane country, no one would have turned up their nose.
My first bikers’ hotel… and I swear, I could live in a place like that!

Biker Hotel - Pub

The rooms… even just the entrance doors, with the number written on the hotel’s logo – a stylized Chopper – were perfect. Also those were in orange and black, and on the wall was a huge Jagermeister banner.
Not the widest rooms I’ve seen, but comfortable all the same, cleaned, fresh, with a great view on Pyrenees.
I have seen all kinds of hotels, also very beautiful ones: 5-star, historic, elegant… but from no one I ever get a kick like this one.
I, we, felt it in our blood, and this deserves all the stars in the world.

Bikers Hotel - Camera

Barri Antic also has other great strengths: it is located in the city center, in the old town, and it also has a restaurant with very reasonable prices.
Because like every biker knows what really matters is staying together and sharing.


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