Alcoholic monopoly in London – Bucket list’s item no.229

The number 229 of the list is about “alcoholic monopoly in London”, the original londoner. Since we were living in London, how could we not do it?


An unforgivable day and experience, even if we could not finish it.
The mistakes we made were essentially two, due to the lack of experience: starting too late in the morning, and forgetting to study the best way to get to the stops. Some streets were far from the tube, with no clue at all of bars or pubs, not even in the surroundings (as for
Marlborough Street, where eventually we ended up in a much expensive pub outside South Kensington station, the closest we could find)…
So, this is the kind of experience you must be well prepared to do, studying the map, how to arriving, and which pubs are in the surroundings of the stations… without forgetting to eat something or doing a break, or you’ll end up stopping the whole thing at the fourth stop!
You have 26 stations to do… Is it really possible to finish the monopoly? How many stations you believe is possible to do?

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