Travel is freedom.
But also relax, adventure, discovery, escape. This is why it must be perfect and tailored to those who experience it. However, not everyone has the time to look for and create a perfect travel itinerary. This is what Travel Designers do, they’re professionals and experienced travelers – like me – who use their skills, experience and continuous training, to create the travel that best suits the needs of those who entrusted them. I can’t wait to create your next trip!


“Mh … ok, you made your point, but basically who are you and what do you do?”
I am an expert traveler, and you already know it if you are on this blog. What does “expert” mean? It means that I have traveled and still travel a lot, always organizing every single journey whether I travel on my own, with friends, as a couple or as a family with our little one! Furthermore, the world and places are constantly evolving, so I keep myself constantly trained. I love studying the world. So I not only offer the direct experience of years, but also tricks of the trade to let you save money. Let’s see how it works.

What is a Travel Designer?

As they explain in this New York Post article, a Travel Designer is like a travel agent but only better. Even if they are two very different jobs, it must be pointed out, because unlike a travel agent or a travel agency, a Travel Designer does not sell “one-fits-all” packages. I design the journey according to your needs and tastes, creating an exclusive and unforgettable travel experience for you, tailored to your interests in every detail: places, hotels, activities, things to see and do, restaurants, ideal duration of each stop or activity, events. If you love planning, I will provide you with a personalized daily itinerary, a sort of travel diary where you will find day by day what to do and where to go, so you’ll never get lost and don’t really have to think about anything other than enjoying the journey!

Do you book everything?

No, I don’t book anything but I provide you with all the links you need to book. My responsibility is to ensure you have a unique trip.

Is it a paid service?

Yes, it is a paid service. Organizing a trip, looking for hotels, the right stops, events and activities, is a long job that requires experience and expertise to be done properly. I don’t sell ready packages but I saw the journey on you, I provide tailor-made travels. It will be an itinerary dedicated only to you, personalized, and only you will have experienced it. This is a job, a service that I provide, thanks to which you can save not only time but also money.


How does it all work?

The first thing to do is to send me an email to in which you tell me where you would like to go and when, the duration of the trip (I can design a simple weekend, the canonical 15 days-travels or any other duration), the budget you have in mind. We will organize a call on zoom or whatsapp to get to know us, in which I will ask you a few questions to understand what you would like to see, how you like to travel, your tastes and rhythms while traveling. If you decide to entrust me with the work, I will give you the instructions to make the payment and I will immediately get to work!
As soon as it is ready it will be delivered in the way you prefer, described on a pdf file with links for bookings (flights, hotels, activities, etc.). If you like it, that’s it! You just have to click on the links to book or tell me to take it to the agency to have them book everything. If, on the other hand, you don’t like the route and want me to make some changes, we’ll make them together.
I’ll give you different options for everything: flights, hotels, activities, specifying what distinguishes each choice, so in the end your trip will be even more personalized!

Do you still have any questions? Write to, I’ll be happy to answer you!

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