Cinque Terre Hiking Trails: the Blue Trail

“Cinque Terre” is a stretch of Ligurian coast that contains five beautiful little towns: Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso.
Villages touched by the sea, lying on the side of the mountain. Eighteen kilometers of ravines, beaches, bays, trails and suggestive sceneries that strike the eye and the heart.

In my opinion, the ideal season to visit them is spring, when the climate is warm enough but not yet torrid, the sea breeze perfumes the air and the colors of nature explode in all of their beauty.
Spring is also the perfect season for hiking in the “Cinque Terre”.

Trekking nelle Cinque Terre, Sentiero Azzurro
Cinque Terre hiking Trails: landscape from the Blue Trail

Cinque Terre Hiking Trails: the Blue Trail

I went trekking through this splendid stretch of Italian coast with spring just around the corner.
A 4 km long walk, from Corniglia to Vernazza, along the road called the “Blue Trail”, which is the easiest to follow and most famous trail of the whole Cinque Terre.
This is the Trail n.2, the only one that has existed since the Middle Ages, the one that offers the most beautiful and evocative views.
The sight when Vernazza appears almost at the end of the path is breathtaking. Every step is worth the walk!

Trekking nelle Cinque Terre, Vernazza
Cinque Terre hiking Trails: sunset in Vernazza

In Corniglia, before starting the trail, you can stop eating at Osteria Mananan and order the Pontremoli Testaroli with pesto. A typical dish that gives you the right energy to tackle the trekking!
The tavern is small but the atmosphere is very special… and don’t break Italian table rules!

Trekking nelle cinque Terre, Osteria Manana
Cinque Terre hiking Trails: stop at the Cantina di Mananan

The trail starts between olive trees and the remains of ancient houses.
It continues following a path overlooking the sea that at every bend offers breathtaking passages, unwinding between dirt roads, rocky steps and terraces.
The climb to be faced is not so long, but due to the rough terrain, alternating with flat but rather narrow sections, it can be hard.
Halfway through the route there is Prevo, a very little village: four colored houses in the middle of the woods, with an old peculiar sign indicating a tourist information office and a refreshment point (even for animals!) which we sadly found closed.

Trekking nelle Cinque Terre, Prevo
Cinque Terre hiking Trails: the unusual tourist office in Prevo

At this point you could start to feel a bit tired, but the desire to go forward and discover what lies behind each new mountain’s curve is stronger.
All the effort will be rewarded when, after a few descents between rocks and dirt paths in the middle of the woods, suddenly Vernazza appears.
The last stretch to reach the town goes way down, reaching sea level.
In Vernazza the best reward is the sunset. You should try to arrive in the village by that time, because this way you will have the opportunity to see one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

Trekking nelle Cinque Terre, tramonto a Vernazza
Cinque Terre hiking Trails: sunsets

You will also find the signs of the flood that has deeply affected these beautiful lands.
A sunset like this, which overlooks the wounds of this land, can only make us think of how beautiful and terrible nature is, which gives and than takes away, making us human powerless to her strenght.
This is where you can feel how we should lower our heads to this uncontrollable force.
A force that yet makes the world alive and extraordinary.

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