Bucket list: driving a Ferrari

Thanks to the hashtag #100cosedafareprimadimorire (100 things to do before you die), our bucket list is having a great success… which I am very happy about, especially because it is a satisfaction that increases my desire to try and finish every item on the list!

Then, of course, I’ll tell them to you… hoping that it will make you want to do them too!
Today I’ll tell you about the number 54: driving a Ferrari.
I believe that driving “cavallino rampante” at least once in a lifetime is the dream of every Italian (and foreigner) car-enthusiast.
I thought it was a difficult thing to do, but I changed my mind when I saw that thanks to the many sites that sell coupons or experiences it is now something accessible to all.

guidare una ferrari partenza

Even those who, like me, understand little about cars cannot remain indifferent to a Ferrari, the red splendor. Their elegant, soft lines, the sound of the engine, the feeling you get when you drive it, is simply unique.
Okay, I’ll stop it or it will start to look like a post to advertise Ferrari (as if they needed it!).

It is emotion, not just experience.
We tried it thanks to a discount coupon, which with 99 euros allowed us to do 4 laps of the track at the Autodromo il Sagittario in Latina.

I will tell you that we were a bit disappointed, because the car is not at its peak performance, on the contrary: it is set on the laziest set-up: slow acceleration, controlled speed… Yes, perhaps that was to be expected. Who would ever let a stranger drive a Ferrari (usually with no previous experience on powerful cars) at its best? (I would never do that. Especially after taking a look at its parts’ price!)
But when someone dreams of such a thing, he/she always feels a bit like Schumacher and always hopes that the realization of a dream will live up to his expectations.
Also, having the instructor next to you feels like driving school, and that kills the adrenaline a bit.

guidare una ferrari, arrivo

Other than that, is it worth it? Yes. Absolutely yes.
I think I’ll try it again. It may be because we love traveling on the road, gliding on curves like this has a particular charm, or because a Ferrari is always a Ferrari, or, why not, because you feel a bit loke a VIP on that seat, with all the eyes of those who wait to sit in your place or who are simply curious pointed on you… maybe it will be for all of these things together, but it is an experience that is worth doing. At least once in a lifetime.

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