Where to stay in Matera: the Caveoso Hotel

You must choose a special place where to stay in Matera, considering how beautiful the city is.

Maybe a little romantic place.
Maybe inside a stone, to respect Matera’s traditions and history.
The Caveoso Hotel respects all these characteristics: suggestive atmosphere, elegant style… it makes your stay in Matera even more special.

Caveoso Hotel
Where to stay in Matera: Caveoso Hotel entrance
  • How was the booking? Were they helpful and kind?
    To be honest, we are talking about some years ago and it was a surprise, so I didn’t book the room directly. However Nunzio says they were more than kind and very helpful, they were also very understanding with a couple of changes in the arrival time (due to a small mishap with the car and bad weather).
  • Were there any special requests? Did the hotel keep them?
    No special request other than the late arrival time: between this and that we arrived at 10 pm! They were very patient and kind, and they didn’t make us feel more guilty than we already were.
  • Did the staff inquire about how the stay was going?
    We stay very little in the hotel. Having only two days, we used all the time to visit the city. At check-out, however, they asked us about our stay and if everything went fine.
  • Is the hotel in a convenient location?
    Very convenient. It is right in the center of Sasso Caveoso, a few meters from Piazza San Pietro Caveoso… practically in the historic center of the city!
  • How prices are?
    From 109 euros per night per room for the Suites (I recommend the suites: a room in a stone!) Or from 75€ per room per night for the standard rooms.
  • Would you recommend it to friends?
    Absolutely yes!
  • Does the wi-fi work properly in all rooms?
    In our room, the Junior Suite, the internet only worked via cable (LAN).
  • What is the style of the hotel like?
    Simple and romantic. Did I already say suggestive? The suites are inside the stones… more charming than that would be impossible!
  • Was the check-in fast?
    Yes, but considering the time of arrival, we were the only ones.
  • Did you feel welcomed by the staff?
    Yes. The man at the reception was very kind in welcoming us, despite the possible inconvenience due to the repeated ETA changes. He accompanied us to the room and helped with the suitcases, he also explained the functioning of everything (internet, heaters, lights…) and left us only after making sure that everything was ok and that we did not need anything else.
Ingresso Caveoso Hotel
Where to stay in Matera: Caveoso Hotel
  • Is there wi-fi in the room?
    As mentioned above, only via LAN in the suites. However, it is present in the reception and in the restaurant. The only flaw is that the cable connection was in an awkward position: far from the bed, near the entrance to the room.
  • How was the first impression on the room?
    Wonderful. I felt like I was entering a cave… a luxury cave! White walls, the suggestive atmosphere, the simplicity of the furnishings. The perfect place, it seemed to reflect Matera’ soul.
  • How was the cleaning?
    Impeccable. The sheets smelled fresh! Even in the bathroom, everything was perfectly clean
  • Are the beds comfortable?
    Very comfortable… I tell you that when we left I also greeted the bed with melancholy! The nice thing was that it was a round bed, the first and only time I slept on a round bed!
  • Were the electrical outlets sufficient and properly positioned?
    To attach the chargers behind the bedside tables you had to unplug the lamp, you have other outlets around the room, however they’re far from the bed.
  • Are the wardrobes and storing spaces enough?
    For a weekend, yes. For a week, if you are used to store everything correctly in the closet, maybe not.
  • Has a bottle of water (at least) been made available? Tea and Coffee?
    No, nothing.
  • Was the air conditioning or heating adequate?
    Yes, the good thing is that you can manage them yourself.
  • How was the first impression of the bathroom?
    A totally different style from the room, but equally beautiful. The tub was huge, I think three people could easily get in!
  • Was the bathroom large enough?
    Even more than necessary! Almost another room!

  • Has the courtesy kit been made available?
    Yes, with everything you need: shampoo, bubble bath, caps, emergency sewing kit, soap …
  • And the towels?
    Present, soft, clean, small, large and enough for a couple of changes.
  • Was there a hairdryer? Mounted on the wall or a standard one?
    I can’t remember for sure. It was attached to the wall, yes, but it wasn’t one of those sad, white, hairdryer that looked like the ones in the service station’s toilet!
La colazione del Caveoso Hotel
Where to stay in Matera: Caveoso Hotel’ sweet breakfast
  • Was the breakfast/cuisine Italian or international?
    Italian. Which I personally appreciate. First, because our breakfast is for me the best, second because foreigners in Italy usually want to eat Italian; third because having breakfast with bacon, eggs or sausages it’s not my ideal breakfast.
  • Was the choice varied?
    Yes. Not too much but there was everything you could want: croissants, pies, biscuits of different types, cakes, rusks, jams… Without forgetting the drinks: coffee, tea, cappuccino (served at the table by the waiter) and juices.
  • Was the staff available for every request?
    Yes, in a kind way, always maintaining a certain discretion.
  • Were there handmade things or was it all industrial?
    The sweets were handmade… and you could taste it!
  • How is the food presented?
    No particular presentation.
il Ristorante del Caveoso Hotel
The Caveoso Hotel Breakfast Room

If I should return to Matera, I would think of this hotel again.
And you? Have you been there? Do you want to go there now?

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