Where to eat one brunch in Venice

A Smartbox to use and a city to visit: these are the two elements that led to the discovery of this beautiful place in Venice, the Graspo de Ua restaurant lounge, in the center (just behind Rialto Bridge), but hidden in an alley, thus avoiding being “attacked” by the masses of tourists (thing that earns it a plus, at least for me).

Brunch a Venezia al Graspo de Ua

Where to eat a brunch in Venice: Gaspro de Ua restaurant

The atmosphere of this restaurant struck me immediately: elegant, but with traditional touches and colorful, like Pinocchio puppets on the piano, lots of photos hanging on the walls, Ducati posters (my Harlista spirit had something to disagree with that, but I’ll appeal to my sporting spirit!), colored glasses at the table and, more importantly, ways of speaking in Venetian dialect written on the ceiling!

Brunch a Venezia, motti veneziani

The food is a nouvelle cuisine rivisitation of typical mediterranean and venetian cuisin: our brunch was like an actual lunch!
Sesame bread, tomatoes with mozzarella, bacon and egg pie, bean soup, tiramisu and panna cotta…


Brunch a Venezia, caprese Brunch a Venezia, tortino alle uova

The elegance with which they present each dish, the quality of the ingredients, everything is the result of over 100 years in business, and believe me, you can see and feel it! They even give you a nice souvenir: a photo taken at the table, which they then send you by email!
A food experience to be repeated!

Brunch a Venezia, angolo musica

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