Eating in Las Vegas: restaurant Guy Savoy

Extravagant shows, huge jackpots, and lively nightclubs are enough reasons to visit Sin City. However, aside from the usual treats the city has to offer, there is another thing you can’t afford to forget or underestimate: restaurants.

Las Vegas is home to a lot of Michelin-star restaurants that feature menus that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. One such restaurant is Restaurant Guy Savoy, which is owned and operated by the very chef who trained the notorious potty mouth chef, Gordon Ramsay. We indulged in the luxury of trying it, one of the things you can do only once in a lifetime (but we hope we can repeat it again, one day, who knows!). It’s expensive, but to treat yourself once in a lifetime, it’s worth it.
The restaurant is located at the Augustus Tower in Caesar’s Palace where guests can overlook Las Vegas’ Eiffel Tower Replica. It is the only place outside Paris where people can enjoy Guy Savoy’s signature dishes such as Black truffle soup and Fois gras.
As expected from a French-trained chef, the restaurant features delicate masterpieces that could only be concocted by a Michelin-star chef. It serves the same food that Guy Savoy serves in his Paris restaurant, featuring many classic Savoy dishes such as brioche feuillellée aux champignons et truffles, and his signature dessert, Terrine de Pamplemousse.

Restaurant Guy Savoy Las Vegas, terrine de pamplemousse

Restaurant Guy Savoy serves Foie gras with sea salt and truffle vinaigrette (that we found simply excellent!), which is quite possibly the most popular dish on the menu. The Parmesan waffle, on the other hand, seems to be the preferred option for children. Other dishes include the Miniature burger on a skewer paired with a Parmesan bun, which is said to be ideal for people who don’t have the luxury of time.

The restaurant has an extensive wine list. Guy Savoy’s has over 10,000 bottles stored in its cellar, most of which are French wines. The cheaper wines cost around $51, and the most expensive wines, such as Chateau Palmer 1949 can cost as much as $12,500. Despite the expensive price tag that come with many of its wines, Guy Savoy’s staff know their wines and can make excellent suggestions on food and wine pairings.
Guy Savoy’s isn’t the only celebrity chef run restaurant in Las Vegas, as there are now a lot of Michelin-starred chefs operating in the city. After uncertain times in the local economy due to the emergence of online gaming, casinos in Vegas sought the help of the finest chefs in the land to bridge new markets.

Online gaming may have been banned in the U.S. but its presence in other parts of the world have given people less reasons to travel to Sin City. With cashless transactions and live casino options that allow people to play with real dealers, Las Vegas casinos struggled to keep operations afloat. Thus, the Vegas operators looked for different ways to appeal to tourists, one of which is by attracting Michelin-star chefs to the city to help boost tourism, and create a new foodie haven amidst the Nevada desert. Now the city boasts some of the finest restaurants in the world, adding unique features to dining to appeal to a whole new market. Innovation is key in Vegas, but it also has a special place in its heart for restaurants like Guy Savoy.

The attention to detail at Guy Savoy is where you really find out why he’s been so successful over the years. The restaurateur doesn’t decorate his restaurants with flowers or allow any of his employees to wear perfume as he feels the scent will disrupt the aroma of his cuisine. It is the small attention to detail, as well as dedication to customer satisfaction, that makes Restaurant Guy Savoy one of the best and most professional restaurateurs in Las Vegas. With great food and wine, it’s the perfect environment for a romantic night.

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