The first Harley ride

Imagine Spring.
The windows down, the wind that tickles your face and messes your hair up, good travel music in the air, only the road ahead, a clear sunny sky upon you, and the engine’s noise in the background.
Those are the sensation of your first Harley ride.
Sensations that you feel each and every time you mount on that saddle. It’s always springtime on a Harley. You feel young, happy and free even when you do the usual road to your usual workplace. I read so many sentences all around the web on how good it is to ride that I ended up growing a little skepticism up, I admit it. I feared those were set phrases and nothing more.
And yet…
And yet I kept on having a sensation inside that I cannot explain. A call to THAT bike and everything around it. Because Harley is more than just a bike, it’s a symbol around which gravitates a whole world made of many other things. If you have it in you, it’s a world you cannot do without. You have to feel it inside yourself, though. You have to, more than anything else, have personality.


La prima volta in Harley, Skye

Now I just want to tell you about my first Harley ride, though.
I am a scaredy cat on many things (like planes, for example, or rollercoasters) and I feared that riding a motorbike as a passenger would have given me the same sensations of danger and fear, even loving with all my heart Harleys and everything regarding it.
Instead climbing up that saddle I felt like I found a little piece of myself again, feeling that missing something clicking right into its place. It is liberation, it is breathing, it is finding yourself.
Can you recall that feeling you sometimes get to scream out loud or to run away? A Harley ride unloads it, makes it slip away. It is not like screaming or running away, it is much more, but finding the words to explain that sensation it’s really hard.
Imagine of being full of black air inside, a some kind of smog, something dark that makes you feel sad, depressed, weak. Mounting on a Harley makes it slowly go away, breath by breath, and meanwhile fills you with clean high mountain air. Maybe that’s why, once you sit, you’d never wanna get down again.

La prima volta in Harley

Once down it is a never ending desire to go back up, it becomes like a drug. A drug that is good for yourself, though, like travelling. Makes you whole again.
Even being an Harley enthusiast since forever, I never would have believed it could make such an impact on my life. I also found myself with my eyes closed, while riding, just to listen to the engine rumbling, that unmistakable music that only the V-Twin can play. One time I even imagined I was in the USA, but then I realized that even your district’s streets are amazing on that saddle. It is like wearing a pair of magic goggles that shows you a different world. Anger, fear, tension, everything gone. Too bad you can’t live your whole life on that saddle.

…or can you?

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