Where to eat in Vieste: Piazzetta Petrone Restaurant

Sudden choices are always the best choices, I always knew it, everyday I get more and more proofs and during the Gargano blog tour in June, I had yet another confirmation.
We were walking in Vieste, when Michele, our guide&driver, suddenly decided to take us for lunch to a certain restaurant he knew well. We followed him through the hystorical center’s alleys, and after a while we found ourselves facing a breathtaking view.
There, a good place where to eat in Vieste: Piazzetta Petrone Restaurant.

Michele then said the magical sentence: “That’s our restaurant.”
We opened our eyes wide open like children with their favourite toy, and spent the next twenty minutes shooting pictures from every possible angle.

We chose the external table, thus eating towards that marvellous view on infinity. When menus arrived, we also found the restaurant’s name out: Piazzetta Petrone, it was named after the hosting square.
We ordered Bruschetta (toasted bread seasoned with oil, basil and sliced tomatoes) as starter, a different main course for each of us, and a cake made with Ricotta (a soft white Italian cheese) and Amaretti (Italian biscuits with almonds), which was the specialty of the house, as dessert.

where to eat in vieste, bruschetta
Every dish was excellent tasting, made with fresh and, above all, local ingredients… and you could feel it bite by bite. I was particularly struck by the olive oil on the bruschetta, and also by the freshness of the homemade dessert.

where to eat in vieste, homemade cake

I found everything perfect, including service, fast and efficient. The waiters were also nice, ready to chat and full of smiles. Things which are well appreciated, even with a view like that, which draws all the attention.

Few days ago, though, I reccommended to a friend of mine who was going to Vieste to eat there, and, at dinner, he found the service too much slow, an almost two hours long waiting, and the place too crowded. I have no idea, maybe it also depends on the season and on the time.. Anyway I think it’s fair to tell you about a different experience, and everyone agree with the beautiful view, so if you go in Vieste stopping there is a must!

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