Where to find “Starbucks” in Italy

Whether you like Starbucks or not, it is one of the first things most italian travelers look for abroad.
Apparently, however, the company Autogrill Italia, owner of the famous chain (or this is what I’ve read. Correct me if I’m wrong) has no plans on opening Starbucks cafes in Italy.

Then we fall back on something else.
Traveling around Italy, we found at least two American­ style chains which found the “courage” to open for business, and, it seems, with excellent results.

The first is Arnold Coffee. From the idea of two Italian guys, Andrea Comelli and Alfio Bardolla, passionate travelers and fans of “americano” coffee, it was the first Starbucks­like chain that opened in Italy. It is present in Milan, Genoa, Florence and Monza, but always looking forward to open new branches in major Italian cities. And I hope to soon find one in Rome!

Starbucks in Italy

Here we find the world ­famous Frappuccino, Caramel Macchiato (my favorite!), even in their iced versions. And then muffins, cupcakes, cookies, cheesecake and donuts. The WI­fi is available in all the stores, and even the decor is typical of an American cafe.
When we were there, I had the feeling of being abroad!

Starbucks in Italy - Arnold Coffee

The second chain is Cup Cap’s, currently with only two stores in Naples (in Via San Carlo and at Piazza Fuga) . Again an Italian owner, Gennaro Apicella, who was born in Naples and then moved in the USA where he opened this coffee shops chain. His motto has always been: American Style, Neapolitan Coffee. And he wanted it to be his own hometown to host its first store in Italy.

Starbucks in Italia - Cup Cap's

As you can imagine, food and drinks are classic American style. From chocolate and caramel cakes, the Oreo Cake, the peanuts butter (Which tastes great!), to the classic Hot drinks (Hotpuccino of all flavors) and Iced (Icepuccino , Milkshake etc…).

Starbucks in Italy - Cap cup's

I’m hungry now.


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  1. These piks made me hungry! 😛 I didn’t know that there are American-style coffee chains in Italy, I’ve always thought they would have a hard life with all the great espressos and cappuccinos that are being served in normal bars…
    anyhow, good to know! 🙂

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