Visit Poble Espanyol, my favourite place in Barcelona

I saw Barcelona six years ago in a short weekend.
I still remember the aquarium near the Mare Magnum, the Rambla (which we have visited far and wide so many times), the fountain of light and sound on Montjuic, the tapas

Visit Poble Espanyol

Above all I remember the skills thieves had on stealing my father the wallet, in the moment that took him to get on the subway. One second, one step, as he got in and the thief got out of the train, as simple as that… goodbye wallet.
Accidents happen, yes. I know that, unfortunately, over there, thieving is a widespread problem , and I got the confirmation from the queue at the police station when we went there to press charges: there were twelve people waiting before us. A police officer greeted us and then he just asked: “in which language would you prefer the form?” And then he took us to a table where there were piles of forms in the main languages of the world all to be completed for the theft reports.
As for today, I do not know whether the situation has improved or not. Of course by this time we have learned the lesson and now, wherever we go, we know how to organize ourselves against pickpockets. Don’t get too scared, though, as any traveler has experienced some mishap every now and then, but it is certainly not a good reason to avoid visiting a certain place. There are no reason at all to miss one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. In fact, I can’t wait to go back… I have to go to Parc Guell! I’ve never seen it, and it is an unforgivable lack!

Visit Poble Espanyol, a little medieval village in Barcelona

There is also another thing that I remember well, a good thing this time: the place that I liked the most of the city, the first place that comes to mind when I think of Barcelona, the Poble Espanyol. It is not considered one of the main things to see in Barcelona, and to me it is a serious mistake . It’s a wonderful little place, a small medieval village in the heart of a city which overlooks the sea.

Visit Poble Espanyol, the square
Visit Poble Espanyol, the main square

Do you know what it actually is? A museum ! Yes, a museum that represents the characteristics of Spanish towns . In fact, the entrance fee is a bit too expensive today, 11 Euros per person (6.50 after 8pm) … but I think I would spend them anyway.

It’s done really well, it seems like finding yourself in the village of “Beauty and the Beast”. Do you remember the scene where she sings in the town streets with the books in her hands? There, just that kind of town.

Visit Poble Espanyol, the streets
Visit Poble Espanyol, the streets

It was built in 1929 and was designed by architects Francesc Folguera and Ramon Reventós . It was a n installation that was supposed to last only six months, but the success was so wide that they decided to keep it… and it is still there.
It occupies an area of 42000 square meters, where are represented homes, shops, churches and streets of the most important countries of Spain… walking through its streets is like taking a complete tour of Spain, in miniature.
It’s also a great entertainment center, home to dozens of craft shops where are hosted: courses and workshops, music concerts , parades , puppet shows and so on.
Not only beautiful, also not monotonous!

Which is your favourite place in Barcelona?


          1. ottimo ti sto già seguendo 🙂 se ti va dai un’occhiata ai miei racconti sul blog e fammi sapere che ne pensi 🙂

    1. Bellissima città, che non stanca mai! Tornarci è sempre un piacere, si!
      Grazie 🙂

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