Marsala: eating and sleeping in this sicilian jewel

I’m the worse, I know.
I have dozens of articles waiting to be written, some even for months, and yet I let them wait a little longer ‘ to tell something about the last place I visited:
A city, a place that really caught my eye . And it’s hard to explain how it affected me.
Have you ever been alone in a place, and yet don’t ever feel alone? A feeling like that.
It must have been about the people, so polite, friendly… the warmth of the Sicilian reached my soul. This can be seen even from the little things: the shopkeepers at the door of their shop greeting you with a cheery ” hello” and a bow of the head or a smile; the bartender who gets all friendly and chatty as if I had breakfast there every day for years and the waiter who proudly explains the dishes of his homeland… and not just that.
It’s the atmosphere that is different, the air you breathe.

Le saline di Marsala

Since it was its people, above all, to impress me, I want to talk firstly about what gets this warmth to you: the welcome.

In Alessandro’s and Eleonora’s B&B “Nonno Gino” , for example, I found only smiles, helpfulness, friendliness and discretion. You can feel the difference between being treated as a customer and being treated with the respect and that is given to the visiting guest whom we are pleased to see and meet.
They themselves seem like a nice family, and they pass this beauty on. also in their b&b.
A small jewel overlooking
Porta Garibaldi (yes, that gate from which the Thousand landed that day that changed the history of Italy) , in the historic center of the city.
Traditional colors of the city by the sea are used: blue and white , a combination that I particularly like.

B&B Nonno Gino a Marsala

The rooms are large, comfortable, suitable for anyone. There also is a small breakfast room where at any time you can prepare yourself tea and coffee, and maybe drink it on that balcony that overlooks Porta Garibaldi , observing the quiet life of the city center , breathing that peculiar air that smells of the sea and history.

b&b Nonno Gino a Marsala, sala da pranzo

Breakfast is served at the bar in front of the B&B: the Literary Cafe. The name says it all: a small black and white room, where you can have breakfast with always warm croissants, surrounded by all kinds of books available to be read, and paintings with scenes and trivia about the films of Kubrick. A really nice way to start the morning!

Colazione a Marsala Strade di Marsala

Speaking of this, other then sleeping, where should I eat?
If you want to taste the typical
fish couscous, go to “Trattoria Garibaldi, in Piazza Addolorata.
They are not the friendliest, but both couscous and starters’ buffet are good and plentiful: just the couscous plate is enough to feel completely full!

If you want to stay away from tourist places , you should go eat at Trattoria da Pino, Via S. Lorenzo, 27.
It was recommended by locals , who call it the
Marsala people’s restaurant”. They only prepare typical dishes, with “Sicily in the heart. Is this enough to make you understand how good those can be?

Trattoria da Pino, Marsala

Trattoria da Pino, Marsala

Here is also found the warmth and friendliness of the Sicilians. Complimentary coffee and muscat were also offered!
I ate here, for the first time , the
pasta with sea urchins: I found it very tasty also considering that… I don’t like fish!
Here they also use the Starters buffet, as well as serving the seconds in a particular way that I’ve only seen here in Marsala: the fish is showed to you , fresh, whole , in containers , next to the starters’ table. You choose the fish you prefer, from shrimps to tuna , and then the waiters weigh it in front of the customer and then take it to the kitchen to be cooked as requested.
If one is not eager of eating fish, this way it will be a whole different story!

Pasta coi ricci di mare, Marsala


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