Where to sleep in Florence: JK Place Luxury Hotel

One of the things I love the most about being a traveler is curiosity: it takes you everywhere, and makes you discover new things every day.

This is the reason why when Angela invited me to visit their hotel, the JK Place, on the occasion of my weekend in Florence, I gladly accepted.
The premise was already great: a 5 star luxury hotel in Santa Maria Novella Square.

Where to sleep in Florence, PIAZZA SANTA MARIA NOVELLA
Santa Maria Novella Square

Where to sleep in Florence: JK’s philosophy


JK Place’s philosophy is the thing that impressed me the most. Ori Kafri (Mr JK), the owner, is a man – certainly millionaire – who travels the world for business. One thing he didn’t like about travellig was hotels. He always felt a guest, never at home. So he decided to create his own Hotel where people could feel at home.

And he fully succeeded.
A few rooms furnished with refined elegance, but hotel’s beauty is not what I want to focus on right now. It really feels like staying at home.


where to sleep in Florence, JK's breakfast room
Breakfast room

The breakfast room has one only round table, where guests eat together like a big family. And in this very room, at every hour, one can always find fresh beverages and home-baked cakes. If at home you feel hungry or thirsty, you go in the kitchen and open the sideboard, don’t you? Here, you can do the same.

where to sleep in Florence, breakfast table at JK Place
breakfast table

Same thing for the restaurant: you can eat whenever you want in what seems to be the dining room of a house. The home of a posh friend.

where to sleep in Florence: JK's dining room
Dining Room

Even the reception is unique. It is a square table in a library-like room, from which guests can take whichever book they like, to read it in the following room. Or maybe choose a movie from the video archive, and see them in the video room, with TV and couches: just like at home!

Where to sleep in Florence, JK's reception

Rooms are small apartments, in which even details are luxurious. Marble, silk, silver… Staying here is worth the price (which is not cheap at all, but after all it is a 5 star luxury hotel we’re talking about!).
The perfect place to enjoy a unique stay.

JK Place, suite1 JK Place, bagno suite JK Place, suite 2

If you’re looking for a luxury place where to sleep in Florence, JK Place is the perfect place.

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