Southend-on-Sea: the best fish and chips in England

..or at least it’s the tastier to us: two persons who don’t like fish. This place was suggested by someone in London, so we went to try it as soon as possible.
About an hour away from the English capital, there is this little town,
Southend-on-Sea, as unknow as beautiful. A cozy, small British treasure, which can be proud not only of the most delicious Fish&Chips I’ve ever eaten (the best fish and chips in England), but also of the longest pier in the world.

Out of Southend Central station, a long shopping way, with every kind of shops on both sides of the street, accompanied us to the seafront where Southend assumes almost the appearance of an American city: a big Fun Park (Adventure Island), casinos, blonde girls and cabriolets which parade along the streets.

We were suggested no particular restaurant where we could have eaten this famous Fish&Chips, so we used our favourite way to choose: inspiration.
Therefore at the corner of the shopping street,
High Street, and Royal Terrace, we found a hotel with restaurant, the Royal Hotel, which has an excellent view that enchanted us.

il migliore fish and chips di Inghilterra - vista dall'hotel

The hotel also has a pub and a nightclub. The furniture was simple, essential, in black and white, and a big pool table was showing itself off next to a window facing the sea. A young waitress with a different accent, probably typical of the Essex, brought us the menus, which we only used to be sure that they had the famous, characteristic dish, so we ordered it. The service was quick, and soon later two big plates of fried fish, surrounded by fries and peas, were steaming hot on our table. The looking alone, was more than satisfying.

il migliore fish and chips di Inghilterra

And the taste was even better: the cooking was perfect, the chips crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside, the cod without a single bone and very tasty. The whole thing for 12£ drinks excluded.We liked it so much that we spent a whole year dreaming it, and when eventually a year later we got there again with two friends, we got not disappointed, it remained how we remembered it. That’s why we always reccommend it to everyone who asks us, we simply know it won’t be a disappointment… one only needs to sacrifice half a day far from London.

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