Abracadabra Restaurant: an unusual place in London

Back in the days when we were living in London, one evening we decided to find a peculiar place where to eat, and browsing through the internet we found the website of a russian restaurant called: “Abracadabra”.

Honestly, who would have ever thought about Russian cuisine?
For that very reason we found the idea so irresistable.. what could be more interesting than a Russian restaurant?
The decision was soon made and we reached Piccadilly Circus (the exact address of the place is: 91 Jermyn Street, St James’s), where after several attempts we managed to find the restaurant… it’s not the easiest place to spot though, so keep your eyes wide open.

A Russian gentleman greeted us, and he begun talking in Russian at first, he only stopped in the hall, when, turning towards us, saw the shocked expression on our face. At that point he had already given us the Russian written menu, but we politely asked the menu in two languages (Russian -English), mainly because the Russian menu it’s written in Cyrillic, and to decipher it we would have needed the help of Indiana Jones, which at the time could not be very reachable.

The place is very peculiar in shades of red and black, with a large table in the center that could accommodate at least a dozen people, and is one of the peculiarities of the place: it is mounted on a revolving structure, that every minute moves you and your plate a few degrees, giving you the chance, during the evening, to see the entire room.

Ristorante Abracadabra - interno

There are many small private tables covered by a curtain, you don’t need to book in advance for them and you can sit there without additional charge.

But let’s cut to the chase: the food!

As a starter we ordered a platter of sliced meat, including duck, which we had never tried before… and we’d surely take it again! Delicious!

The meal continued with a Golubtsy (meat rolls and cabbage, served with rice and sour cream) and a Beef Stroganoff (meat served with tomato, butter and sour cream). Both very good, we licked the platter clean!

Not mentioning the dessert… a typical dessert of the restaurant, in fact it is namd after it, and … mammamia, it was absolutely delicious, I would go back there just for that! But I won’t tell u how it’s made… I’ll leave you the surprise of discovering it by yourself!

ristorante abracadabra - stroganoffristorante abracadabra - anatra
The staff is kind and willing, without being pressing. Russian music and tv will entertain you during the dinner… a nice way to fully immerse yourself in a whole different world, to really feel in Russia as long as you are inside.
Now all you have left to do is to try it and tell us your impressions!

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