Giovinazzo, Bitonto and the “Coppa Villary”

I really liked Bari’s seaside, it is different from all I’ve seen so far: uniform, bright, interrupted every now and then by low cliffs and white sails.
I was happy because I was gonna see Giovinazzo again, one of the town that I love the most in Puglia. Facing the sea, with its streets made with stones, its bright houses and its shy harbour.
Giovinazzo - Lungomare

We left the car in the main square, in front of the Vittorio Emanuele II institute, and from there begun our exploration. We found ourselves walking through narrow alleys, characteristic views, walking on bright coloured stones, watching the boats held at the quiet docks, brushing by the old walls which follow the sea line.
If I should advise a must-see, one only thing, I wouldn’t know what to answer. I like everything there, there is no alley I’d miss, no wall I wouldn’t watch. Every smallest stone contributes to make the town beautiful.
Unluckily we had to leave early, but thinking about the next stop, enthusiasm soon overtook the sadness.

We were heading towards Bitonto (a city well known for its olive oil), not to see the city, just to go at Villary cafè, the only place in Italy where one of our favourite dessert is made: the Villary Cup. More than just a dessert, it is a mix of sweetnesses into a big cup, at the price of just 2 euros: Nutella cream, hazelnuts, coffee cream, cold whipped milk… I get mouth-watered just by describing it…

Giovinazzo - Bitonto - Coppa Villary

This is a must in Bitonto!

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